Case Study

New Look – We Love Our HHTs

About the Company

New Look’s story began in 1969 as a single fashion store in the UK. From there, they’ve grown to become a leading fast-fashion brand, with 578 stores in the UK and over 270 across Europe, China and Asia.

Business Challenge

New Look operated an out-dated paper-based system for all their in-store activities, including the critical stock management and price
management processes.

A strategic decision was made to initiate changes that would increase the profitability and efficiency of their store operations and, in particular, provide improved price management. Peak Technologies partnered with New Look to consult on the most appropriate solution in terms of both software and hardware architecture.

The Solution

Peak* supplied New Look with an enterprise mobile data capture solution to simplify and manage many aspects of in-store activity in
New Look’s 667 retail outlets. Peak’s IM2 modular suite of retail applications enablse shop-floor staff to operate in a paper-free, highly accurate and efficient way utilizing the latest mobile Handheld Terminal (HHT) from Zebra Technologies. Operating on a wireless infrastructure, data is seamlessly transferred in real time between the store-based HHTs and a clustered server environment at New Look’s headquarters in Weymouth, to maximize network control and security.

(* Peak acquired M-Netics, developer of the industry-leading IM2 retail software suite, in December 2016.)

Peak designed a Cisco-based wireless network for all 667 stores, which is routed securely to a server cluster at New Look’s headquarters in Weymouth. The centralized network architecture enables maximum network control and security while minimizing capital outlay at the store level.

New Look chose Peak’s retail software suite IM2 for many of its in-store operations. IM2 offers a modular approach, whereby additional functionality can be ‘switched on’ and seamlessly made accessible to selected HHTs at the flick of a button. IM2’s flexible and modular approach covers all in-store functions of stock management, price management, customer service and management information, combined with VOIP capability and mobile printing. Support is provided via ServiceTrak, Peak’s state-of-the-art web portal for managing the enterprise asset estate and for seamlessly placing service calls.

Implementation of the end-to-end solution was achieved in 17 weeks and completed on time with a 100 percent installation success.

The rollout was completed in three phases:

  • Wireless infrastructure survey and installation
  • Initial HHT trial stores
  • HHT rollout of 70 stores per week


Training of the staff through a trendy self-learning video for maximum buy-in from shop floor staff and was warmly greeted with an overriding message of ‘love’ for your HHT.

Benefits and Results

The project has been measured in two key areas:

  • Stock management
  • Price lookup and markdown


The efficiency gains have been considerable, especially in stock management. In the majority of stores, the stock room is away from the shop floor and searching for items was tedious and time consuming.

Now the user simply scans an item and the stock availability by size and color is instantly displayed.

The use of the new price lookup and markdown solution has enabled instant answers to customers’ price check/availability requests, and in doing so has freed-up significant additional staff time for other customer services/personal assistance, thereby improving the shopping experience.

Price markdown has transformed the way in which promotional activities are carried out. The simplicity of scanning an item and seeing real-time price modifications empowers shop floor staff to effectively manage what was a complex paper-based process.

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  • High Street Retailer


Business Challenge:

  • Operated an outdated, paper-based system
  • Seamless, real-time data transfer
  • Network control and security


Featured Solution:

  • Enterprise mobile data capture solution
  • Cisco-based wireless network throughout all 667 stores


Featured Products:

  • IM2 in-store software
  • Zebra HHTs
  • ServiceTrak


Key Benefits:

  • Increased efficiency of their store operations
  • Price lookup and markdown solution