Electronic Shelf Labelling Solution

Complete Control Over Pricing Across All Stores

What Is Electronic Shelf Labelling?

Electronic Shelf Labelling (ESL) is a small digital display that enables retailers to display pricing in real time. This solution helps retailers to optimise revenues and margins by improving the customer experience at the shelf-edge where most purchasing decisions are made. Improve operational efficiencies and free staff up to spend more time with customers Know which promotions work and to present offers to customers based on their location in-store. Retailers can move quickly as market conditions change, to simplify the introduction of new products and to easily mark down perishable stock.

With a wide range of label sizes, and labels, the electronic shelf labelling delivers superior image quality, brightness and colour consistency, our ‘light infrastructure’ platform is the lower-cost, higher-performing way to get the most value from your price and promotion strategies.

Applications Of Electronic Shelf Labelling

Asset visibility solutions bring significant value to organizations of all sizes and across a myriad of sectors. Examples include:

Bluetooth Beacon

Launch engaging promotions with Bluetooth enabled displays direct to the customer's smartphone. Encouraging customers to purchase in-store while giving them value for money. This will allow retailers to develop loyalty with the customers as they will be receiving the latest personalised offers to their smartphone.

Real Time Stock Levels

Display updated stock levels real time allowing the customer and sales associate to have real-time visibility of stock information. This will reduce the risk of out of stock items as retailers can always have the right amount of stock in the store. This could encourage quicker purchases with customers if they can see that there is a limited amount of stock left.

Product Reviews

By using larger displays retailer can show review on the product reviews and additional product information aiding customers in their buying decisions in the aisle. Additionally, language and currency can be changed an instance to suit the needs of retailers based in airports, allowing them to custom the needs of their customers on a daily basis.

Update Prices In Real Time

Change prices in real time allowing retailers to have complete control and visibility on all labels, across all stores. This will save time for sales associates as they don’t have to manually update labels in the store and will give them more time on servicing the customer. This will allow retailers to respond to changing conditions such as price marked on perishable products.

Benefits To The Retailer

Benefits To The Customer