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Is Your Wireless Network Holding You Back?

70% of Warehouses are Experiencing Networking Issues

As warehouses come under increasing pressure to move more products faster, legacy technologies like wireless networks may be holding operations back. Seven of 10 warehouses are experiencing continual problems with their wireless networks. As newer devices such as Android handheld devices are added to aging wireless networks, the ability to keep devices secure and connected becomes more challenging.

Network performance problems can erode the productivity that wireless connectivity was installed to improve. Downtime, troubleshooting and problem solving interrupt the flow of work and distract IT professionals from mission-critical tasks. And chronic issues can impact employee morale.

If your operation is experiencing wireless networking problems, a wireless site assessment can help discover network weaknesses and provide a plan for improvement. A reliable wireless system that supports current device technology will improve productivity, help you get the most from your wireless devices and provide an edge in securing your network.

Downtime Is Costly

Common Problems that Erode Productivity
Chronic wireless network problems lead to downtime. And according to Gartner, downtime is costly, with the average cost of network downtime estimated at $5,600 per minute. That’s about $300,000 per hour. Add that up over time, and you could be losing significant money. Common problems include:
  • Devices randomly drop off the network
  • “Sticky devices” that don’t roam when they should
  • Devices that run slowly, including new devices

As handheld device technology advances, the problems with your legacy wireless network are likely to increase. If your operation experiences any of these networking issues, it’s time to take control of productivity.  

How Secure Is Your Wireless Network?

New Mobile Technology Poses Challenges for Old Networks

As technology advances, so do security threats. Legacy networks were not designed with business-critical mobility or IoT access in mind. So the security features of these systems haven’t kept pace with how they’re actually used in the field.

In the past, security was configured manually and seldom updated. Modern wireless networks are equipped with the necessary security features required to automatically discover and secure mobile devices according to policies, with tools to provide visibility into the entire mobile device pool. The cumbersome nature of the old manual methods simply can’t keep up with today’s threats. Today’s wireless networks have security built in with automated tools to help you secure hundreds or thousands of devices at scale.

Assess Your Environment for Peak Performance

Peak Technologies offers remote assessments to help you meet today’s speed of business while keeping employees safe. 

Warehouses are challenging environments for wireless networks. Peak Technologies performs wireless site surveys for new installations and wireless site assessments for existing networks to ensure coverage, performance and security.

A site survey includes: 

  • Identify potential RF obstructions such as racks, products and machinery
  • Perform a spectrum analysis in the required frequency ranges
  • Temporarily install test access points and antennas to evaluate signal strength, signal-to-noise ratio, interference and other factors
  • Test data throughput
  • Document the number of wireless access points and types of antennas required to achieve the required coverage within the site
  • Plot the coverage area for each access point in the facility

A wireless site assessment includes: 

  • Assessment of wireless coverage to verify RF signal quality throughout the facility
  • Check for interference with a spectrum analyzer
  • Review configurations of access points such as wireless controllers
  • Check for upgrades and updates to firmware and test if possible

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