Price Management Software

Real-Time Pricing Oversight

When it comes to price changes, your high street stores and eCommerce stores must always be aligned with one another. Omnichannel brands require a solution that uses automation to deliver the most up-to-date price information to all channels in realtime. 

That’s where the Retail Price Management module from Peak Technologies’ M-Netics Retail solution comes in. Designed to meet the demands of an enterprise retail setting, this versatile and scalable pricing management software solution enhances productivity, improves accuracy and increases control over your pricing decisions and structure.

Features of Our Pricing Solution

Our software makes it easy for your retail staff to access up-to-date sales information from their enterprise mobile devices. This customisable module allows you to create pricing strategies specific to your business and for your team to be notified in advance of sales and promotions, end-of-shelf-life reductions, and more. 

When you need to print new labels on a mobile printer with updated information or scan products to ensure their current pricing data is compliant and in-line, Price Management has the capabilities to ensure your stock is accurately priced.

Utilise the best-in-class features of our Price Management software, including:

  • Future price checking
  • Access markdown sale items
  • Directed repricing capabilities
  • Alternate currency labelling
  • Date checking options
  • RTC (Reduced to Clear) ticketing
  • Shelf-edge label checking

Leverage Enterprise Price Optimisation and Management Functionality And More With M-Netics Retail

Improve your current workflow and expand the capabilities of your retail enterprise with our M-Netics software suite. Contact our team today to learn more about our Price Management module.

M-Netics Retail Data Sheet

M-Netics Retail Solution Overview

Enhance your retail operations with M-Netics Retail from Peak Technologies. Download our data sheet to learn more.

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