Wi-Fi Analytics

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Consumers want to stay connected when they’re visiting your stores and premises, and that means you need a wireless network in place to support that service. Having an enterprise Wi-Fi solution in your retail and hospitality business will provide your customers with the means to connect their smart devices and provide you with a powerful and valuable insight into user habits and footfall throughout your sites. Peak Technologies and its comprehensive ecosystem of wireless partners will deliver a tailored level of Wi-Fi analysis into our business.

Deploying an enterprise wireless networking mobility solution from Peak Technologies does more than simply connect your customers to a Wi-Fi source: it’s an extension of your customer service from the moment the customer crosses your threshold and long after they’ve left your stores. Our solutions leverage leading wireless specialists such as Extreme Networks, Datrix and Mist Systems, and include benefits such as:

  • Enhanced Customer Experience – Adopt a future-proofed omnichannel approach to your customer service will a personalised digital journey that personalises the customer experience with bespoke promotions and sales information.
  • Brand Guideline Protection – Create a digital customer experience that adheres to the strict branding guidelines of your organisation while aligning with customer expectations as they visit your premises.
  • Security & Operational Excellence – The threat of cyberattacks is constant in an age of smart devices, WLAN and IoT (Internet of Things), so you need a wireless networking solution that protects your cloud-based data and customer hardware whenever they connect to your on-site Wi-Fi.
M-Netics Retail Data Sheet

M-Netics Retail Solution Overview

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