Streamlined packing that’s driven by innovation

In today's fast-paced world we’re constantly asked to go faster.

Warehouse and e-commerce operations face soaring demand and constant pressure to accelerate. But your tech might not be up to the job. And with packing process bottlenecks and tight delivery targets, it’s no surprise frontline workers are feeling the strain.

You need our game-changing Packing Station Technology.

Powered by Fixed Industrial Scanning and Linerless Print solutions, it trims precious seconds from each packing cycle, and slashes workers’ task time by one third.

Packing station technology delivering unparalleled speed and efficiency

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Benefits for your business

Drive efficiency with >33% faster packing

With fixed scanners, linerless printing, and multiple label size printing, packers can work faster and more efficiently. So you can increase throughput, grow your profits, and meet customer demand with ease.

Improve safety and enhance ergonomics

Our Packing Station Technology is the go-to solution for a regulation-compliant environment and happier, safer workforce. It eliminates slippery label liners, trailing media, and other mess, keeping your environment clear and avoiding clean-up time.

Reduce waste and meet sustainability targets

Cutting out paper-based workflows and unrecyclable label liners means you also cut your carbon footprint. With new legal requirements on sustainability, make sure your tech is greener, smarter, and faster.

Discover the key features of our Packing Station Technology

Future-proof fixed scanning

  • Machine vision scanning that tracks and traces products at every stage, for refined inventory management and simplified sorting
  • Enhanced data accuracy thanks to precise information capture and reproduction, from barcodes and QR codes to RFID tags
  • Seamless integration into existing systems, enabling easy information sharing and reporting
  • Speedy hands-free scanning, with the option of handheld scanners for heavy items
  • Built to withstand challenging industrial environments

Linerless printing

  • Multi-length printing with no liner means labels are quicker to apply, and there’s no waste
  • Automatically-generated domestic labels ensure smooth onward shipping for international goods
  • New label printing for goods travelling between postal systems 
  • Compact label rolls that need less storage space
  • Desktop and mobile models offer versatility for every workplace
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