2022 Winning Together Summer Sales Roadshow

Welcome to the 2022 Winning Together Summer Sales Roadshow! As we start to coordinate logistics for our July meetings, there is some basic information that we need to capture to help us plan for the event. Our cities and dates are as follows:

  • Greenville, South Carolina (7/11 – 7/12)
  • King of Prussia, Pennsylvania (7/13-7/14)
  • Cincinnati, Ohio (7/19 – 7/20)
  • Hyannis, Massachusetts (7/25 – 7/26)
  • Seattle, Washington (7/27 – 7/28)

At this point, most of our attendees are attending only one event, but there will be some team members that are attending events across multiple cities.  If you are attending multiple cities, please mention the additional cities and check-in/check-out dates for each in the comments field.

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