Transportation & Logistics Solutions

Navigating the challenges of delivering essential and non-essential goods

The rise in eCommerce has put an unprecedented amount of pressure on transportation and logistics companies to deliver on time, on budget and at the speed consumers expect. In addition, recent track and trace legislation has created the need for T&L providers to have visibility to goods at any time, in any step of the supply chain. 

In order to meet the rising demands, it’s critical for T&L companies to adapt their workflows and utilize technology and data analytics to operate more effectively. From picking and packing orders in the warehouse to route optimization, to increasing first time delivery and ensuring driver safety on the road, Honeywell’s complete solution of specialized hardware, software and services can help transform your operations, increasing accuracy, productivity, and efficiency.


Featured Products:

CT60 XP Handheld Computer
CT45 / CT45 XP Handheld Computer
LNX3 Mobile Printer