3 Reasons Wireless Network Management is Key to Achieving Greater Efficiency and Visibility in Your Warehouse

Wireless networks are a part of nearly all aspects of modern life. From our homes, to coffee shops, big-box retailers, and supply chains, wireless networks are responsible for keeping us all connected.

As more and more operations rely on these networks for their daily functions, ensuring the network infrastructure is safe, secure, and efficient is top of mind. This is especially true for those in the supply chain that handle mission-critical information, as well as those who have “bring your own device” (BYOD) programs in place in their warehouse.

Wireless network management systems in a supply chain environment are essentially the WLAN infrastructure, which allows role-based worker’s devices wireless access to the company’s applications and systems. This type of system can help simplify network monitoring, security and even bring about improvements to overall business operations.

Benefits of Wireless Network Management Systems

Optimal network connectivity leads to greater productivity and visibility across your operations. Below, you will find three ways networks and wireless network management systems can help warehouse and supply chain operations achieve more efficiency and mobility.


Warehouses are often huge operations, averaging around 16,400 square feet per unit. Operations this large require a lot of technology solutions in order to run as efficiently as possible, which all typically require some type of network connection in order to be effective.

Without a proper management solution in place, elements such as handheld devices and scanners, RFID and barcoding solutions, advanced software, and wireless technology won’t be able to run as efficiently as possible, or worse, could have functionality issues that cause downtime. This reduces the overall reliability of the solutions and can be costly for a business because they may not be working at optimal performance when your business needs them the most.

A proper, effective management system for your wireless network can help keep your software and network devices in check by allowing your team to view real-time information on functionality and performance. This means any necessary troubleshooting or improvements can be pinpointed more quickly, allowing your operations to become more efficient than you ever thought possible.

Increased Network Security

Data is one of the most valuable assets your company owns, which makes it a target for attacks and threats. The average cost of a data security breach for major businesses can reach well over $150 million.

Protect yourself and your operations with a network security solution built specifically with your operation’s needs and wireless architecture in mind. Ensuring you don’t become another data breach statistic should be top-of-mind as you assess your wireless network management plan. If you aren’t sure where to begin, consider teaming up with networking specialists who can help with creating and deploying the perfect plan for your warehouse.

Network Consolidation

There are a lot of moving parts within supply chain operations. From logistics to wireless network management, it can be difficult to know where to start making improvements, especially when it comes to your wireless network.

Consider starting with a wireless site assessment. This in-depth evaluation of your wireless network and infrastructure will help you determine what is working well, and if there are any areas in which you can improve. Different factors and metrics to evaluate include:

  • Wireless network coverage and RF signal strength
  • Network interference
  • Wireless access points and mobile device configuration
  • Physical structure
  • Wireless security risk

This holistic approach to warehouse networks allows for maximum visibility into your network performance and allows you to make improvements and adjustments with ease.

Visibility for Your Warehouse Operations

When it comes to your wireless network, knowing where to start with management can be tricky. While you’re likely well aware that your wireless network solution is the backbone of your operation, it can be hard to determine what you can do to help gain more insights from your solutions. A wireless network management system can look different for every business, depending on your needs, how you operate, and your goals.

When in doubt, it’s best to trust the experts. Our team at Peak Technologies has years of industry experience with customizing wireless network management and is here to help your business find success. Contact us today to get started on a plan built for your business.



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