5 Tips to Choose the Right Enterprise Managed Mobility Services Provider

Enterprises with mobile workforces are busier than ever trying to meet the constant demands of the “need it now supply chain.” This makes it difficult to have in-house expertise who can stay completely current with managing mobile best practices and have the time it takes to be sure everything is performing as it should. Many businesses have turned to partnering with a managed mobility services provider to reduce risks and interruptions that could cause critical downtimes in the mobile workforce.

However, every Managed Mobility Services provider can vary in their offerings and expertise. While managing enterprise mobility internally or manually may seem like a headache, nothing is worse than managing enterprise mobility with the wrong provider. Without the right provider, you’ll lose out on real value and be left with a complicated ecosystem. Finding the right partner for your enterprise is the key to successfully outsourcing the management of your mobile solutions.

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1 – Analyze Your Current Mobile Needs & Requirements

Before starting your search for a Managed Mobility Services provider, spend some time evaluating current mobile fleets and identifying areas needing improvement. Then, start asking questions:

  • Will current device ownership change soon?
  • Are there disruptions to productivity in your current mobility management processes?
  • Do you have full visibility of your device fleet?
  • How are you tracking devices, their life cycles, and who is managing them?
  • Can you connect to auxiliary systems for billing, data tracking, and IT services?
  • Do you get a holistic view of the digital workplace?

Finding a provider that understands your mobility infrastructure is crucial to improve your processes and enhance business operations. Answers to these questions will help create a checklist of needs that will help shape the expectations and requirements of your next Managed Mobility Services provider.

2 – Scalability to Meet Future Needs & Requirements

Knowing your current needs is important, but your future needs should also be considered when choosing a Managed Mobility Services provider. It’s no secret that mobile technology will always be expanding and changing; the number of mobile users an organization has at any given time will fluctuate long-term, too, along with an organization’s size and needs.

For this reason, it’s crucial to select a Managed Mobility Services provider who has the scalability to meet future needs and requirements. Before settling on a provider, determine if they can grow along with global company mergers and large company acquisitions. If they can’t, they won’t be able to serve you to their fullest potential as you expand. The best provider should grow with you as you encounter new technologies, devices, policies, and business growth.

3 – Find a Partner That Provides a Good User Experience

As the mobile workforce requires modern technology to execute its essential job functions, it’s imperative that the technology be user-friendly and intuitive. Although it’s often overlooked, employee experience should be the primary focus of a mobility ecosystem. Outsourced IT help desk operations do help to minimize costs upfront; however, when employees wait days, even weeks, for resolutions to device, connectivity, and other IT issues, the user experience is significantly damaged, along with productivity, client relationships, and the cost savings from outsourcing.

A good Managed Mobility Services provider will address common concerns quickly, putting power back into the workforce and minimizing the stress put on help desk services. Automated self-service applications empower employees to handle common IT issues and replace devices quickly, increasing efficiency and the satisfaction of employees and clients. The MMS provider you choose should offer a smooth, flexible mobile work environment with limited input from your internal workforce.

4 – Security Is a Top Priority

Your mobile devices store precious information that, if breached, can result in severe consequences for your business. Because of this, your Managed Mobility Services provider should provide a secure environment that keeps corporate data protected and employee privacy respected. This is especially important for organizations who operate under a “bring your own device” or hybrid mobility model, which implies hundreds, if not thousands, of personal devices.

Data from Verizon in 2019 found that 80 percent of breaches come from weak security credentials on mobile devices. This makes effective MDM through an MMS provider a modern business necessity to avoid the high costs of security and data breaches which can equal $1.25 million to $8.19 million. Be sure to invest in an MDM software that will monitor and manage devices at scale and allow you to integrate MDM software within your mobility ecosystem to monitor, manage, and track devices across business units and geographies, all in the same platform.

5 – Find a Partner With Great Reviews and a Track Record of Success

Managed Mobility Services is a relatively new market, so it’s essential to do due diligence when searching for a provider and ensure your enterprise gets great service. Look for a Managed Mobility Services provider that has a good customer service track record of success, as well as an established history of being its own entity. You don’t want to bounce around from one company to the next should your provider go through mergers and acquisitions as the MMS market continues to heat up.

Find a provider who has stuck with most of their customers for a long time; this will let you know that they are loyal. Don’t neglect checking out reviews of MMS providers on social media and reliable business rating sites — a consistent stream of positive customer reviews will mean a Managed Mobility Services provider will be reliable and customer-service oriented.

While there are many Managed Mobility Service Provider options to choose from, it’s important to remember that the best provider will be suited for your organization’s individual needs. Keeping these five tips in mind throughout your search should go a long way to making sure you make the right choice.

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