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RB Express – Real-time Communication Between Driver and Operations

About the Company

RB Express is an independent service provider (ISP) for a major ground logistics company. Owned by Daniel Blatt and located in south Florida near Miami, RB Express employs a lean, but busy fleet of delivery drivers. Since March 2020, deliveries have increased 30% and are expected to grow incrementally by approximately 15% each year.

Business Challenge

Communication is key to managing drivers in the field. Supervising shifts, mid-route changes, accident reports and delivery concerns are just a few of the issues Blatt confronts daily. With business booming and daily deliveries spiking, Blatt needed a solution to improve communication with drivers in the field.

However, the devices provided by the ground logistics provider were becoming obsolete, and were cumbersome, slow, offering minimal and often unreliable customer service support. Blatt wanted a cost-effective upgrade that delivered cross-channel communication with additional features such as picture sharing to confirm package delivery.

The Solution

Peak Technologies approached RB Express with the opportunity to run a pilot program using Workforce Connect Push-to-Talk (PTT) Pro — a Zebra software application that provides drivers the ability to communicate with each other and central operations in real-time. RB Express was immediately impressed with the robust capabilities of Workforce Connect, which include:

  • Private, encrypted, secure group communications through push-to-talk half-duplex voice conversation, including one-to-one, one-to-group and site-to-site with user priority
  • Alert to PTT prior to talk
  • User presence that identifies who is available before placing a call or sending a message
  • Contact list to select multiple users for one-to-group communication
  • Operates over enterprise-grade voice-ready Wi-Fi network or cellular network to always ensure connectivity
  • Session tracking reports, including total calls, call duration and total users
  • Support through multiple devices, including Zebra Android mobile computers, Android and iOS consumer devices, and Microsoft Windows Desktop
  • Optional API service through Interworking Gateway (IWG) cloud service, allowing external sources to send messages to PTT Pro users
  • Optional location area service (LAS) cloud service that provides the user’s indoor location indication within the PTT Pro App


This lower-cost solution allowed the company to modify a variety of requirements including picture sharing and other features. For example, Workforce Connect allowed RB Express to disable the “Do Not Disturb” function, allowing Blatt to be in constant contact with his entire fleet. While security can often be a concern with wireless communication, Peak Technologies helped RB Express create an exclusive group of users where drivers needed to be registered to communicate with each other. This helped to cut down on unwanted noise traffic that can occur with other applications.

Many of the stations the drivers enter to pick up packages are large warehouses, which often have limited or poor Wi-Fi connectivity. Being able to automatically switch to cellular allows RB Express to be in constant communication with drivers. This was a tremendous benefit to the owner, since many other providers only operate on WiFi.

RB Express is also able to manage tasks independently from the carrier, including name changes, text messaging and GPS tracking, while also restricting parameters on each mobile device. This affords the company additional flexibility compared to the service offered by the leading logistics provider.

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Mobile device consulting, Zebra Workforce Connect PTT Pro on Zebra TC77 mobile computers, communication enhancements, mobile workforce deployment, help desk services

Push-to-talk services over cellular and Wi-Fi networks to enable real-time driver, operations communications

Business Challenge:
Enabling real-time, secure communication between drivers and central route operations throughout the delivery day

Key Benefits:
Successful implementation of a push-to-talk communication solution to provide delivery drivers with improved communication and new features

"Despite the ease-of-use of the new Zebra TC77 mobile devices, RB Express still enjoys 24/7 access to the Peak Technologies help desk if any issues arise. “Scanners are vital to our operation,” said Blatt. “There are companies that provide cheaper solutions, but the initial cost outweighs the expertise and ongoing, reliable customer service that Peak Technologies delivers. They shouldn’t change a thing about the way they do business with their customers.”

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