Temperature Verification

Temperature Verification

Employee and guest safety is critical. Temperature verification provides peace of mind for employees and guests by preventing anyone with a temperature from entering a facility.

Temperature verification can be combined with access control, facial recognition and customizable features, allowing you to maximize your investment in safety. We offer a wide variety of form factors, including wall-mounted, pedestal, counter-top, hand-held and all-in-one kiosks to ensure all of your points of entry are covered.

All of the systems we offer are easy to use, easy to set up, reliable and can be setup as contactless, providing adjustable visible and audio notifications.

Peak Technologies’ temperature portfolio includes two featured kiosk solutions as well as other form factors including handheld, wall mount and thermal imaging solutions.


Thermal Scanning Kiosk Solutions

Temperature verification is fast and secure, allowing employees and guests to have their temperature verified and gain entry in under 2 seconds. Peak Technologies temperature verification options are appropriate for almost any indoor environment, including warehouses, distribution centers, terminals, retail stores, hotels, casinos and restaurants.

Screens in <1 second

Facial Recognition

No Touch


Personnel Management Kiosk

Meridian’s Personnel Management Solution features check-in and temperature verification capabilities. The solution can also be programmed for facial identification, with users easily added in a few short clicks. Designed to help protect the health and safety of both employees and guests by preventing anyone with a temperature from entering a facility, alarms can be added to sound when those above the temperature  threshold and those without access attempt to enter.

  • Pedestal or Countertop Configuration
  • Facial Recognition Library up to 20,000 People
  • 2 million Pixel Camera
  • Temperature Accuracy < + 0.9°F
  • Temperature Range 50°F – 107.6°F
  • 8.0 inch IPS LCD Screen
  • Input: 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz, 1.5 A
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GT2 Temperature Sensing Kiosk

Janam’s GT2 enables businesses to protect the health and safety of employees and guests. Using advanced infrared thermal imaging, GT2 quickly and accurately reads the body temperature of each individual entering a facility. It can prevent anyone with a fever (or without a face mask) from gaining access.

Available in pedestal, countertop and wall-mounted formats, GT2 easily integrates with gates, turnstiles and door access control systems in indoor environments, including sports and live entertainment venues, airports, hospitals, retail establishments, restaurants, office buildings and schools.

  • Thermal Scanning – Screens in <1 second from up to 20 inches away
  • Temperature Accuracy < + 0.9°F
  • Facial Recognition – Employs biometrics to recognize faces in <1 second with 99%+ accuracy 
  • Instant Alerts – Gives clear notification when fever is detected or entry is denied
  • No Touch – Reduces the spread of contagions via zero contact and safe distancing
  • Self-Service – Visitors self-credential, enabling staff redeployment for other tasks
  •  Versatile Design – Fits most spaces in a pedestal, countertop or  wall-mounted format
  • Bright Display – Equipped with brilliant,  7.4-inch screen
  • Expandable Storage – Stores up to 128GB of data with SD card (not included)
  • Well-Connected – Integrated Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 4G LTE data

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