UV Light Solutions

UV Light Disinfecting Solutions

In order to control the risk of exposure, it is imperative to maintain a clean working environment. It’s realistic to expect to spend more time cleaning and disinfecting centralized areas and equipment and it is vital to plan labor shifts to accommodate.

For handheld mobile devices and tablets, consider implementing a UV light solution for quick and complete sanitization, ensuring clean hands are touching bacteria-free devices every time, all the time. UV light solutions have been proven to kill at least 99.9998% of MRSA within a 20-second sanitization cycle without the use of device-damaging chemicals.

UV Cleaner
Let us help you with your COVID-19 distancing, sanitizing & tracing solutions.


  • No-touch, automated cleaning 24/7
  • Seamless integration and function makes improving disinfection easy
  • Motion sensing for safe deployment of UV-C light and it knows when it has been touched
  • Support current cleaning protocols without staff interaction
  • UV-Clean technology integrated into products produces a UV-C non-visible light that inactivates bacteria and viruses at the cellular level, preventing them from multiplying and causing any infection
  • UV-C disinfection technology has been in use for 50+ years
  • Now available & affordable for small high touch surfaces including touchscreens, tablets and pin pads


  • Ongoing proof the health and safety of customers, employees and our communities is a top priority, by eradicating illness causing microorganisms
  • Lead the industry in next-generation safety protocol
  • Provide customers a healthier experience, more reason to do business with you
  • Differentiate from the competition with forward thinking innovation

Up to 10.2” touch screen or payment devices

The UV Clean product is manufactured in the USA.

Consider a UV Light Solution

Sanitize in 20 Seconds

Ensure that clean hands touch bacteria-free devices all the time, every time by placing tablets and mobile devices into an enclosed sanitization solution.

Kills 99.99% of MRSA

UV light ensures that 99.9998% of MRSA bacteria is killed giving your employees peace of mind that the devices they are using will keep them safe and healthy.

No Harsh Chemicals

Your devices will benefit from a sanitization best practice recommended by the manufacturer, that does not use harsh chemicals which can have negative effects on device screens and housings.