Introducing Honeywell’s PX940

Ensure all of your barcodes are error-free and scannable every single time with Honeywell’s PX940 high-performance industrial printer with integrated label verification. Created to help businesses that are subjected to heavy fines and chargebacks for unreadable barcodes, the PX940 provides an easy, cost-effective way to print and verify simultaneously.


  • Integrated verification license: 0% failure rate, 100% good barcodes
  • Supports all major 1D and 2D barcode symbologies
  • Precise printing of up to +/- 0.2 mm (0.08 in)
  • Operational intelligence to help monitor printer health and ensure maximum uptime
  • Configure settings directly from the printer
  • Easy to use and maintain with intuitive touchscreen interface and built-in printhead cleaning routine

Business Benefits

The Honeywell PX940 industrial printer with integrated barcode verifier offers a wide range of benefits for virtually any industry. With it, your workers no longer need to manually verify barcodes to ensure compliance, so you can allocate labor to other areas for increased efficiency and productivity within your operations. 

Don’t let poorly-printed labels slip through, only to be caught by retailers down the line as “unscannable” after it’s too late and fines are issued to your business. The PX940 industrial printer is not only an attractive option compared to other competitive printers, but it has the added ability to identify bad barcodes as they are printed and automatically re-print them, saving costs, fees, and your operation’s reputation.

Warehouse Challenges

Poorly-printed barcodes are just one of the many warehouse challenges that can be solved with innovative, connected worker solutions. When your workers are connected, your operations are streamlined, and your workflows are efficient, you can achieve higher productivity and increased profits.  With connected technology, your operation can overcome many common warehouse challenges:

  • Drive to cut operation costs
  • Rise in omnichannel order fulfillment
  • Fluctuating seasonal demand spikes
  • Push to reduce high employee turnover
  • Proliferation of SKUs

Empower Your Operations with Our Industry Expertise 

With rising demands, it is more critical than ever that warehouses have the right tools at their disposal to help overcome these challenges. Barcode verification is an integral part of an overall strategy that connects your workforce to optimal operational efficiency, but a connected workforce doesn’t stop there. Peak Technologies understands the heavy burden that outdated technology and inefficient processes place on your bottom line. We offer an array of innovative, connected solutions that work together to form a cohesive strategy to achieve business goals today and in the future. Let Peak help you discover the road to your best competitive edge.

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