A shift in the mobile operating system landscape has occurred over the last several years. The transition from legacy Windows® (Windows CE 6 or Windows Mobile/Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5) is fully underway. While there remain several choices, the trade-offs and compromises have become clear. 

Customers currently running applications that require the legacy operating system will soon face the end of support for their platform. Microsoft extended support (security fixes) has ended for Windows CE 6 in early 2018, and will end for Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5 in early 2020. After those dates, vendors will be unable to provide patches should a vulnerability or error be exposed. Many customers have begun planning a transition to new applications running under a modern operating system. Let Peak Technologies help you plan.


Hundreds of companies have voiced their opinion about the challenges of deploying and managing mobile devices across their enterprises. They are feeling constrained by a complex system of devices, apps, and infrastructure. Here are the most common challenges they cited.

View the infographic now to see what challenges you face. Then contact Peak Technologies to see how we can help!
As seen in the 10 Key Challenges of Enterprise Mobility, Honeywell’s customer research revealed that our customers need a better, easier way to deploy and manage their mobile solutions. View the infographic now to see how we helped solve the challenges. Then contact Peak Technologies to see how we can help!



By reading the whitepaper you will learn about: 

  • The Mobile Operating System History
  • Legacy Operating Systems
  • Android Enterprise Evolutions
  • How Honeywell Helps
  • Android Lifecycle Managment
Peak Technologies will be happy to assist you throughout the OS Migration process. Contact us.



Experience how a unified dynamic platform can help you transform your organization and unleash your mobility edge by:

  • Accelerating Deployments
  • Optimizing Performance
  • Extending the Lifecycle



No new technology upgrade is enough. Employees need something more comprehensive and dynamic. Choose Honeywell for your devices, and pair it with Peak Technologies’ expert knowledge to deploy and manage your mobile solutions. 

Honeywell provides a mobile platform that is:

  • Standardized on Android
  • Designed for Rapid and Easy Provisioning and Deployment
  • Secure With Fast Access to the Latest Security Patches
  • Optimized to Drive Productivity
  • Forward Compatible and Future-proof

Honeywell Dolphin CK65

The ultra-rugged Dolphin CK65 mobile computer combines touchscreen and keypad data input, real-time connectivity, and advanced data capture for industry-leading investment protection. View the specs.

Honeywell Dolphin CT40

The sleek and versatile Dolphin CT40 mobile computer enables retail associates and highly mobile workers to increase productivity and deliver a seamless customer experience throughout the day. View the specs.

Honeywell Dolphin CT60

The Dolphin CT60 delivers real-time connectivity, advanced data capture, and future proof investment protection. View the specs.


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Peak-Ryzex is now
Peak Technologies

The last few months have been incredibly exciting for our organization.  In early April, we changed ownership to Sole Source Capital, an experienced private equity company focused on the industrial services market and committed to our growth. With Sole Source’s support, we have added tremendous capabilities, resources, and industry expertise to the Peak portfolio through the acquisition of three companies in the last 60 days. 

Along with these exciting developments comes a renewed sense of commitment and purpose. To celebrate this exciting new chapter, we wanted to use this opportunity to reflect on our past, while looking forward to the future.  We are extremely pleased to announce that we have changed our company name to Peak Technologies, Inc. 

For many of our long-time customers, this is a return to the company name that had been in place since our founding in 1981.  When we merged with Ryzex in 2011, we combined our names to symbolize the union of two industry leaders.  But over the last few years, we have become ONE Peak, added additional capabilities, battled through a pandemic together, and feel that the time is now to re-brand the company as we look forward to the future. 

For additional information on the company name change, click here.