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Let us help you get connected, the RIGHT WAY with our full suite of solutions:

Wireless Design Services

Let our experts design a custom network that works specifically to meet your needs.  Whether improving your current system, or upgrading to a new system, we will  ensure your wireless system is the most efficient and cost effective solution for your wireless networking and data collection processes.

Wireless Systems Assessment

 During our thorough Assessment, Peak Technologies wireless engineers conduct a walkthrough of your manufacturing floor, warehouse, or distribution center to identify potential areas in which Peak Technologies may be of service to you.

Spotty Signal?

Our coverage scans and interference checks fully address any environmental factors – from walls and poles to metal and temperature – that can impact your wireless coverage. We will also evaluate and determine the best access point locations to maximize wireless traffic utilization and to ensure your wireless system is as efficient and cost-effective as possible.


Peak Technologies provides complete system installation services including network hardware and access points. From our thorough pre-installation checklist to our comprehensive implementation planning processes, we ensure that the installation goes smoothly, even before the physical installation begins.

Cabling, and More

We also offer a comprehensive network cabling infrastructure service for copper Ethernet, fiber, Cat5, Cat5 PVC, and Cat6 providing our customers with a turn-key low-risk implementation. Utilizing a Peak Technologies generated site survey, we will determine what network cable infrastructure services are required and assemble a tailored quotation for each site.

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