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Managing mobile devices across multiple locations and end users requires careful planning and setup. With an effective MDM service solution, your mobile devices work well together, and you can reduce service calls and overall business risk. 

However, this is only one piece of the puzzle. Your system can only function at an optimal level when managed efficiently on a daily basis. In order to maximize its potential, it requires a dedicated team of professionals with extensive knowledge of mobile device management best practices.

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Comprehensive MDM from Peak Technologies'
Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) Team

As part of the Peak Technologies MDM services, our team will remotely manage, support, track, monitor and secure your mobile devices.

We work with all service providers and mobile device types (e.g., smartphones such as Apple iPhones and Androids)


Provision, configure and control mobile devices.


Proactive alerts and audit reports on device status for policy compliance


Efficient remote control and helpdesk tools for real-time support


Encrypt data, authenticate corporate access, restrict features, and lockdown devices


Locate and track devices anywhere in the world real-time or historically

IT Policy Enforcement

Ensure all systems meet Corporate standards and requirements

Multi-Vendor Support

Our team has experience with most mobile device management software vendors, including:

Soti MobiControl

Ivanti Avalanche

Samsung Knox

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Our Process

Comprehensive Project Scope

Leveraging more than a decade of experience, our team will help you determine the right solution based on your requirements. We begin with a comprehensive scoping process where we understand current and future requirements and then make recommendations based on your desired outcome and available resources.

Installation and Configuration

Once we understand your requirements, Peak Technologies will host your MDM software solution in the Cloud or install it to a server of your choosing (provided the server meets specified requirements). The server can be on your premises or hosted remotely. We then configure your solution based on the agreed outcomes from the preliminary scoping process. From here, we can turn it over to your team or we can play a more extensive role, handling everything from software rules and restrictions to application management.


Like most solutions, MDM is rarely used to its full potential. Our Peak Technologies team helps you to get the most from your solution by conducting training based on your specific audience. You determine if the training will be for your administrators who oversee the installation, or for your IT managers and operators who will interface with the system on a daily basis for support purposes. We develop all content based on your desired audience, and the classroom training can be hosted at our facilities or yours.

Server Support

Going beyond training, our team offers server support to your MDM administrators. We monitor the MDM environment and manage all of the related information on your server. Our team will notify you of any server-related issues that may impact the performance of your solution and manage necessary server updates on your behalf.

MDM Deployment Services

The Peak Technologies team can further alleviate the strain on your IT department by managing individual devices directly from our facilities.

Device Provisioning and Deployment

Stages the mobile device, installs all application software, configures the device to your requirements, activates wireless carrier voice/data plans, installs your custom start-up screen and performs tests to ensure the new device is ready to go right out of the box.

Service Help Desk

First or second-tier technical support and IT services. Should a device become inoperable in the field, we can reboot the device, reload the software and even reset the whole operating system without the device leaving the operator's hands.

MDM Outsourcing

Eliminate the time-consuming burden of managing and maintaining your existing MDM environment internally by outsourcing this function to Peak Technologies' expert team.


Compliance-based security policies to ensure both corporate data and personal data are protected, including stolen / lost device lockdown or wipe, encryption key rotation and role-based access rights management.


Accurate database of your mobile assets with information on serial numbers, IP addresses, MAC addresses, geographic location (for geofencing), repair history, and custom reporting.


OEM firmware and application updates can be distributed over-the-air to devices without returning the device to the OEM or IT department. Updates can be performed by our team during the day, in-between shifts, or overnight.

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