Paragon Print & Apply Systems to Automate your Labeling Processes

Industrial print & apply systems amplify productivity

Automated manufacturing, distribution, fulfillment and shipping operations need fast, efficient processes. Accuracy and productivity improvements can have a direct effect on profitability. With modular, automated print and apply solutions from Peak Technologies, you can take your labeling functions to the next level and dramatically improve the speed of your lines.

Automated print and apply systems remove the manual application of labels. Printers print crisp, clean labels and then apply them automatically, to a variety of product packaging, cases, totes and pallets.  A reliable, industrial, modular print and apply system provides you with a lower cost of ownership and a strong return on investment.

Industries that can benefit from automatic print and apply systems:

Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)—improve efficiencies without sacrificing quality or consumer safety, and streamline production, processing and delivery

Food & Beverage—best-in class automatic labeling and print and apply solutions for produce, beverages, meat/poultry, processed foods, and central bakeries:

– SKU data
– Nutritional information
– Safe handling instructions
– Country Of Origin Labeling (COOL)
– Lot codes and expiration dates
– Track & Trace information (aka, “Field-To-Fork”)
– Retail food and foodservice needs
– Case, tote and pallet labeling

General Manufacturing—help ease the pressure to “do more with less” and improve processes and efficiencies

– High-performance labeling machines apply preprinted labels to identify and brand your products
– Print a variety of labels on primary and secondary packaging
– Fast, accurate, efficient labeling on cases and pallets for delivery to distribution and retail locations

Automotive Manufacturers & Suppliers—label any parts or components that require identification:

– Track frames during the assembly process
– Label engines & drive systems
– Track smaller components, such as batteries, brake shoes, hoses, mirrors, etc.
– Modular flexibility adapts to environment changes, easily adjusting to plant retooling

Pharmaceutical/Neutraceutical—meet today’s labeling requirements on a variety of products and packaging:

– Precision labeling and multiple label applications on on round, square, rectangular or oblong products
– Works equally well with single-layer labels and multipart “booklet” labels

Petroleum/Chemical—meet increasing regulations and labeling requirements with ease:

– Round, square or rectangular labeling
– F-style containers, pails, drums

Health & Beauty—ensure quality and safety on all packaged products

Modular print and apply systems are easy to upgrade.  Start with a single panel labeling system today and move up to multiple-panel labeling or wrap labeling tomorrow.  Systems can be configured to apply preprinted labels, static information or variable, database-fed information.

Improve efficiency and streamline production, processing and delivery—without sacrificing quality.

How can industrial automation work for you?

Contact a Systems Consultant at Inovity today. No matter what products your facility produces, we can help to improve the efficiency and accuracy of your product labeling.