Realwear’s HMT VS Microsoft’s Hololens

Choosing The Right Wearable Device For Your Workforce

In this world of digital transformation, the emergence of wearable AR technology is providing businesses with more ways than ever before to transfer and share knowledge and information across their workforces – which is turn leads to improvements in processes, resource efficiencies and productivity.

Leading the way in the AR world are Realwear’s HMT devices and Microsoft’s HoloLens, both enabling hands free information access and exchange, which also has the potential to increase the safety of your workers.

Leading technology experts see these devices as complementary to each other rather than direct competitors. Their use and value are very much dependent on your workers’ environment, use cases and the solutions your business is looking to implement.

So Which Device Is Right For You?

Realwear HMT-1

Realwear HMT-1 is a headset device developed specifically for the industrial worker – as such it is fully rugged, meeting IP66 standards. It is drop proof, water resistant and its LCD is easily viewable in direct sunlight as well as in dark and cramped environments. It has been built for true in-situ use (Real-world focus first, digital focus second).

Designed as a headset to allow industrial user to be focussed on knowledge transfer and access in the real world


As a 3D device, HoloLens enables creation of a virtual overlay within the real world. The 3D element provides an immersive experience, but this also limits its use in specific environments, including outdoors. It has some dust protection but is not rated for drop. It prepares you for going in-situ, rather than being in-situ (Digital focus first, real-world second)

Designed to immerse the user into a mixed reality world by superimposing holograms over the real environment.

Further Specifications On Each Device Are Provided Below:

Realwear’s HMT-1

Microsoft HoloLens 2


The RealWear HMT-1 and HMT-1Z1 hands-free, voice operated head-mounted tablet computers are focused on Advanced In-Situation Training in rugged real-world industrial environments. Android compatible
The Microsoft HoloLens 2 is a 3D eyewear device, operated by voice or hand, that uses holograms to display information and blend into the real environment, working best in an indoor space. Windows compatible
8-10 hours (1 shift) – hot-swappable
2-3 hours; can recharge to 70% in 15 mins
16MP and 1080p60 video with digital zoom and stabilisation
8MP and 1080p30 video
16GB internal/ 2GB RAM
16GB + 128GB microSD
64 GB UFS 2.1
Controlled by
Voice Perfect noise cancel (2 mics) to 95db
Hands and Voice Noise cancel to 65db (5mics)
WiFi and BLE
WiFi and BLE
62db built in with jack for PPE-rated audio earbuds
Immersive experience
2D so less immersive, but also less intrusive. Displays information adjacent to the wearers field of vision and doesn’t block the environment
Experiences rendered in 3D – more immersive. Some improvement in field of view in latest model
Industrial use
IP66, 100% dustproof and waterproof to 1m. 2m drop proof, can be used in dark and cramped work environments
IP50, some dust protection, not rated for drop. Not optimal in dark environments or cramped spaces
Operating Temps
-20 to +50 degrees C
+10 to +27 degrees C
Training focus
On the job training
Simulated training programs
Use Cases
Visual Assist, Remote Mentor, Document Navigator (workflows, data collection & reporting), Maintenance Asset/IoT, Training
Remote Support, 3D modelling on site (superimposed views, measurements, tracking walls & objects in room), Inspections, Training, Temperature
Multiple applications available Vendors can customise solutions
Multiple applications available Vendors can customise solutions
Designed as a headset to allow industrial user to be focussed on knowledge transfer in the real world
Multiple applications available Vendors can customise solutions