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Retail Stock Information

Service is your USP. Make it count.

Customer service is essential for every business – and this comes down to a seamless buying experience. It’s important for the sales people at your high street stores to be able to answer customer questions when it comes to your products and locate them quickly. This is where Peak Technologies can help.

With the M-Netics Retail Product Enquiry module from Peak Technologies, your staff can deliver fantastic customer service every time. Your shop floor sales executives can scan an item’s barcode and immediately see what is available and where it can be found on your premises — utilising real-time inventory data. Now there’s no more need to waste time running between the stock room or fitting rooms to locate stock; the information is right there in the hands of your employees, ready to answer customer enquiries and increase satisfaction with confidence.


Product Enquiry Benefits & Features

From regular trading hours to peak periods throughout the year, you’ll retain a constant connection to the current state of your stock room with live data. With this inventory management software, your sales staff can get back to what they do best – maximising sales and delivering outstanding customer service.

With the Product Enquiry module in your Retail solution, you can leverage a deep directory of live information about your SKUs, including:

  • Product images
  • Product descriptions
  • Current pricing and price changes
  • Colours, sizes and UOM (Unit of Measurement)
  • Stock levels, status / availability, and location
  • Expiry and weight breakdown
  • Forthcoming deliveries
  • Ad-hoc re-labelling capabilities
  • Best-selling items
  • Sales history information
M-Netics Retail Data Sheet

M-Netics Retail Solution Overview

Enhance your retail operations with M-Netics Retail from Peak Technologies. Download our data sheet to learn more.

Leverage Enterprise Product Enquiry Functionality And More With M-Netics Retail

Improve customer experience and build brand trust and loyalty with this product lookup software solution. Contact us to learn more about Product Enquiry and how it fits into the overall M-Netics suite.