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SOTI Connect

Simplified remote printing, at your fingertips

IoT opens up exciting possibilities to streamline operations and optimise device usage. But it can also be a headache. 

Expensive data breaches, frustrating downtime, and high maintenance costs all eat into your budget and absorb precious time.

Tired of waiting hours for a service call to repair a faulty printer?

We can help.

Meet SOTI Connect

The data-driven solution designed to remotely maintain printer firmware and enhance security.

With SOTI Connect you’re in complete control. You get real-time alerts, automatic updates, and remote configuration. All in one place.  

Whether you’re an IT admin in charge of thousands of printers many miles apart; a business owner concerned about potential security threats; or a manager keen to cut ownership costs, we’ll put you in the driving seat.

Get SOTI Connect from Peak Technologies and enjoy:

Remote configuration and instant access to your barcode printers

Data-driven architecture that supports new printers without whole system upgrades, new codes, or software updates

Reduced maintenance costs so you can spot potential problems before they occur

Automated alerts so you can spot potential problems before they occur

Learn how we made life easier for a major UK retailer

Like the major UK retailer who was struggling to keep their 14,000 printers secure. Thanks to SOTI Connect’s automatic updates they saved a colossal 292 days in manpower that would have been wasted doing manual updates, and benefited from robust protection against costly malicious attacks. 

Now a single person remotely monitors, updates, and manages all their printers. And identifies possible issues before they cause expensive malfunctions. All from one place.

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printers connected, secured & managed
days saved with automated updates
person in total control
See for yourself.

Take a closer look at what SOTI Connect can bring

Why work with us?

We go the extra mile so you don’t have to leave your desk

At Peak Technologies we’ll build you a custom solution with SOTI Connect.

And then we’ll give you all the support you need to smoothly implement and deploy it. Our friendly 24/7 help desk is just a call away if you need it.

We’ll even come out and give you a free site visit and consultation to make sure you get the best possible solution for your needs.

Why choose SOTI?

It’s business mobility, simplified

SOTI is a proven innovator with nearly 30 years’ experience providing mobile IoT management solutions to over 17,000 customers across 40 countries.

We’re a perfect match.

With their world-class technology and our in-depth know-how and specialist support you’ll keep your business-critical networked printers working for you, not against you.

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Manage numerous makes and models of industrial and mobile printers, no matter where they are located. Deploy printers faster and get total visibility into their health and performance status. Reduce downtime alongside maintenance costs, repair costs and overall total cost of ownership (TCO).