Datacor is a leading provider of process manufacturing and distribution software that helps professionals maximize productivity, use data as a competitive advantage and drive smarter business growth. By remaining a single source of trusted technology, upholding a longstanding reputation as industry experts and serving as a partner in business improvement, Datacor helps modern businesses optimize operations and better serve their customers.

Peak Technologies and Datacor have the best solutions for your operational needs.

Popular Datacor Products & Services

Datacor MES

Built with lean manufacturing practices at its core, Datacor MES, also known as Batch Production, digitizes manufacturing processes and provides production teams with operational visibility with real-time data and control. A mobile-first approach enables all production activities to be captured in real-time where the work is being performed. Built-in validation and automation eliminate waste throughout the entire manufacturing enterprise.

Datacor WMS

Datacor WMS allows warehouse workers to record inventory transactions in real-time, where the work is being performed, via a mobile device. With an intuitive user interface and built-in validation, the product helps manufacturers & distributors drive toward accurate, real-time inventory visibility. Common transactions such as purchase receipt, physical inventory, location transfer, order picking, and inventory lookups are performed. Built as a native mobile application, the solution can be deployed to a variety of devices for different use cases.

TrackAbout is a leading provider of tracking software for returnable containers that helps businesses maximize asset utilization, use data as a competitive advantage and drive smarter business growth through intuitive tracking software and expertise.