On-Demand Color Label Printing

Improve your enterprise labeling operations

Efficient Solutions that Get Results

Peak Technologies has partnered with Epson to offer on-demand color label printing solutions that bring press-quality color printing in-house for complete control and self-sufficiency over your printing operations.

On-demand color label printing uses inkjet technology to produce full color labels—including barcodes and variable data—whenever needed. This eliminates the need to purchase large volumes of pre-printed color labels and then use a laser or thermal printer to print barcodes on those labels separately.

Beyond improving efficiencies, this solution helps your operation:


Transcends language barriers to effectively communicate potential hazards.


Eliminate wasted stock by printing only what you need; troubleshoot problems without re-doing full runs.


Stop switching out pre-printed labels and gain valuable time; dynamically adjust or update text or images as needed

In-House Color Label Printing Benefits Every Industry

Manufacturing and Distribution

Manufacturers and distributors of virtually any product can benefit from color labeling for improved visibility and communications.  From automotive to medical devices to apparel, Peak can help you maximize efficiency in your production line and improve warehouse productivity by adding on-demand color to the labeling side of your operation.

GHS-compliant Labels

For all your chemical, hazardous material and GHS labeling needs, consult with Peak Technologies on the optimal color label solution that provides reliable performance, superior print quality, and low operation cost for your business.

Fresh Food Labels

On-demand color printing technology brings greater flexibility to food package labeling, giving your team the flexibility they need to address errors or changes in-house while saving time and money by eliminating pre-printed stock.

Warehouse Logistics

Streamline warehouse logistics with on-demand identification tags. The use of fully customizable labels enable efficient tracking and management of inventory, shipments, and assets, ensuring seamless operations and improved productivity throughout your warehouse.


Shipping labels are critical to both outbound and inbound logistics, playing a vital role in production and customer satisfaction. On-demand color labeling further enhances efficiency and accuracy over more traditional shipping labels.

Epson ColorWorks Color Label Printer Series

Epson ColorWorks printers include the features needed to produce the high-quality custom labels your business needs:

Epson TM-C3500

  • Ideal for high-mix, low-volume applications
  • Compact, robust design with rear-feed capability for fanfold and large rolls
  • Best for GHS labels, Visitor ID, Healthcare and Retail

Epson C6000/C6500

  • Print width of 4.25 inches (8.34 inches on the C6500) at a throughput time of 5 inches per second
  • Peel-and-present option for removing back of the label
  • Supports remote management

Epson C7500

  • Just-in-time color printing for large jobs with tight production windows
  • Reliable and rugged
  • Best for heavy GHS, industrial labels on matte media


Enterprise operations can benefit from using on-demand inkjet printing for their full-color labeling needs because it removes an entire step from the printing process. Contact our Peak Technologies team of experts for more information on which of our solutions is best for your business.

Consult with an Enterprise Printing Implementation Specialist

Beyond having the right printing hardware and software, it is critical to have the right implementation partner. Peak Technologies has over 40 years of experience integrating business systems with enterprise label printing. Our team provides the experience and resources to specify, integrate, and implement systems that meet your unique requirements. As a result, your operation can rid itself of fragmented systems, mitigate the risks of labeling errors, and increase productivity today and in the future.

Why is On-Demand Color Printing on the Rise?

Our eBook explores the answer and offers tips for implementing the right labeling solutions for your operation.