Streamline Last Mile Delivery (and go 100% Contactless) with Free, Easy-to-Implement App

Streamline Last Mile Delivery (and go 100% Contactless) with Free, Easy-to-Implement App

Getting the goods to a grocery store or consumer’s home is done via the crucial group of drivers who take products that “last mile.” It’s critical to give drivers the tools they need to keep them healthy and protect the health of consumers while providing tools for fulfillment, dispatch and transportation managers to oversee the entire process.

Removing all contact and providing end-to-end visibility for both the business and the consumer are key to meeting the challenges of today’s new economy. Last mile delivery software solutions like FarEye’s predictive logistics platform are helping to ensure seamless deliveries of groceries and daily essentials by offering their FarEye SERVE platform at no cost amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

Peak Technologies, together with our partner FarEye, can help instantly and remotely implement this software for your last mile drivers providing your operation with vital resources to make sure that essential products remain in-stock and delivered on time. Here are four reasons to leverage FarEye SERVE:

Deliver More Product Faster

Demand for essential products has risen across the country and the supply chain is pivoting quickly to catch up. In fact, during the week ending March 14th compared to the same time period last year, products like disinfectant sales increased by 519% and hand sanitizer by 208% over last year. Sales for soap, rice, poultry, and canned meat also rose at exponential rates over the previous year.

Product sales aren’t the only thing that’s rising—there is an unprecedented surge in online buying. In fact, 41% of the people in the U.S. have said that they have purchased groceries online for the first time this past month. Additionally, Walmart’s grocery application has experienced a 160% increase in downloads.

Surging demand dictates more deliveries take place across the country—and last mile drivers are the unsung heroes helping to ensure that product deliveries arrive on-time and at a frequency that can meet demand. However, fulfillment, dispatch and transportation managers are required to do a balancing act between speed and cost control. With the FarEye SERVE platform, managers can conquer both by leveraging intelligent routing tools that help ensure on-time delivery while also optimizing driver efficiency, fuel costs and emission control, helping your operations scale up as need dictates while keeping control of costs.

Keep Your Drivers Safe

Safety is always top-of-mind when it comes to feeding and providing essential health products to the nation. Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, there is concern not only for the integrity of the supply chain, but for both the last mile driver and the consumer.

The innovative FarEye SERVE platform includes features that leverage a wallet-enabled app that allows for purchases without the need for direct card or cash transactions. This is not only safe for delivery drivers, but also gives customers peace of mind in the age of social distancing.

Whether your products are being delivered to a retail location or to a consumer residence via door-to-door delivery, the contactless payment function is vital to reducing the spread of infection for all parties involved.

Efficiently Onboard Temporary Staff as Demand Dictates

Amazon has said that despite the global pandemic they are set to hire 100,000 full and part-time positions for their fulfillment centers and delivery networks, in addition to investing over $350 million globally to increase wages. As online orders increase, so do deliveries.

Last mile drivers help ensure that no one is without essential supplies during COVID-19. The reality is that managers may be challenged to easily and quickly onboard drivers to meet demand without missing a beat. To combat this, enterprises have taken to driver crowdsourcing to ensure the ability to source as many drivers as needed to achieve deliveries on-time irrespective of fluctuations that happen in demand. The SERVE platform makes this easy and seamless to source drivers by providing fulfillment, dispatch and transportation managers with an elastic tool in which to onboard and manage driver operations digitally.

Keep an Eye on Business Near or Far

In order to stay ahead of demand while providing the essential real-time communication that keeps your teams and your products moving, cutting-edge tracking and tracing capabilities are essential for your deliveries. FarEye as a platform has empowered 150+ enterprises with one solution that gives an adequate amount of predictable visibility to both customers and dispatchers. This helps overcome customer anxiety, delayed deliveries, inefficient routing operations, loss of productivity, operational inefficiency and more.

Peak Technologies is committed to supporting the transportation and logistics efforts that keep our country supplied with food and essential commodities today and tomorrow. Through our remotely-deployed services, we can help you get started on the fee-free FarEye platform to help you in your mission to keep products moving mile after mile.



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