The History of Adhesive from Horse Glue to Elmer’s to Nano-tech

The History of Adhesive from Horse Glue to Elmer's to Nano-tech

Things that we recognize as adhesives today have an age old history. The adhesive was a one of a kind in the history of inventions by mankind. It all started with the naturally produced animal glue, popularly termed as Horse glue and eventually developed into synthetic adhesives and now, it’s a new age of nano-technology inspired adhesives.

Here at Peak Technologies, we love the story of how adhesive has evolved and want to share an infographic about the history of adhesive from horse glue to Elmer’s to nano-tech:

As you can see, adhesive manufacturers are trying to develop synthetic setae, just like those Geckos have around their feet. These reptiles have setae that are responsible for their adhesive behavior. Their adhesiveness doesn’t involve any glue like substance; neither does it require use of an animal extract. The technology uses the concept of molecular adhesion. The basic principle of this concept: If the two closely located substances start exhibiting adhesive properties, a fluid is not required to initiate molecular adhesion.

The adhesive is widely known as Gecko-tape is 1000 times stronger than the regular adhesives we use now. The adhesive works with the natural theory of adhesion at cellular level. At the same time, the concept uses no harmful chemical at all. That’s why it’s more convenient in all different ways. However, the commercial production is yet to start; the researchers are working towards building a standard protocol to keep the costs low and make it a workable procedure for the commercial adhesive manufacturers.

How can you keep up with the ever changing technology? Leave that to us. We offer advanced labeling solutions and keep you in the know for opportunities for new applications, printers and better costs.

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