What is Golden Image?

A Golden Image, also called a clone image, base image, or master image, is used as a template for your organization’s various virtual hardware and virtual machines. This virtual desktop infrastructure is a clone of the master disk drive from which all of your devices operate. Applying it across a suite of devices ensures uniform setup and reduces the risk of critical application failure.

At its core it’s the foundation of your virtual machines (VMs) and hardware. It streamlines processes and ease of use because mission critical applications are not dependent on the device but instead dependent on the server or network itself.

Golden Image Benefits

A golden image is at the center of an organization’s mobility management. Using this asset saves numerous hours and resources as it creates a consistent environment for your employees and any other end-users both on-premises and with remote desktop devices.

When an enterprise automatically loads their golden image to their VMs and devices, this helps prevent human error, which can often come with manual configuration.

How Peak Technologies Can Help

With Peak Technologies’ Managed Mobility services, we can help set up and configure your golden image so it can be deployed across VMs and devices throughout your enterprise. To help optimize your golden image, we must fully understand your end goal and exactly what you are trying to accomplish. We keep in mind from start to finish the concerns of maximum usability and maximum stability and security.

We develop a purpose-driven plan customized based on the needs and workflow of your specific business and enterprise. We do not add unnecessary applications and resources, ensuring that your golden image doesn’t become bloated and ultimately ineffective, which can often happen with what is commonly referred to as the “kitchen sink approach.” While creating your golden image, our team of IT professionals understand licensing requirements, hardware memory, hardware CPU, and all other aspects that will affect your end usability and stability.

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