Last Mile Contactless Delivery

Keep Safe with FarEye

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, the ability to provide last mile delivery that is contactless is crucial. Whether your products are being delivered to a consumer residence or a retail location, contactless delivery keeps both consumer and driver safe. Peak Technologies in partnership with the FarEye SERVE platform, can instantly and remotely implement this software seamlessly and efficiently, ensuring that essential products remain in-stock and delivered on time.

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FarEye: The De Facto For Profitable Deliveries For The Food & Grocery Industry

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Free Software Offer

Peak Technologies has partnered with FarEye to onboard businesses remotely and instantly.
We are here to help essential businesses move goods to end users, safely and efficiently.

Deliver More Product Safely with FarEye SERVE:

Wallet-enabled app for contactless payments

Leverage intelligent routing tools

Optimize driver efficiency

Easily scale up with digital driver sourcing

Cutting-edge tracking and tracing for real-time communication

Meet Increased Demands

Last mile drivers ensure that no one is without essential supplies during COVID-19. With the increase in demand by consumers, essential retailers, and medical facilities, there is a reciprocal increase in deliveries. FarEye SERVE allows you to quickly source drivers and manage driver operations both digitally and remotely, so that the supply chain keeps moving at a time that is most critical.
  • No card no cash transactions
  • Intelligent routing tools
  • Easy onboard of temporary staff
  • Remote instant go-live to implement
Let us help you with your COVID-19 distancing, sanitizing & tracing solutions.