Mobile Solutions for Distancing

Distancing Solutions for the Enterprise Workforce

Supply chain and mobile workforce production has been affected to varying degrees depending on how much of your operation qualifies under essential business orders during the coronavirus outbreak. As such, some warehouses or manufacturers may have been under limited production guidelines, or even temporarily closed due to positive cases of COVID-19 among employees.

It’s critical that as employees return to work (or continue working) that they can do so safely and with peace of mind. Organizations of all types require new tools to provide their employees the comfort they need to return to their jobs and to enable compliance with mandated social distancing rules and health and safety guidelines. 

As you accelerate the return to the “new normal” of your business operations, Peak Technologies has been working diligently in conjunction with our strategic partners to develop solutions that empower employees to understand their physical proximity to co-workers and be alerted in real-time to social distancing violations.

When faced with an opportunity or issue, front-line workers need to have the resources to help them determine the “next-best” action for achieving a desired outcome safely and efficiently. In order to enhance decision-making, workers need a certain level of “location awareness” as it relates to critical assets, equipment, and even other workers.

Real-time location systems provide the increased level of awareness required to maintain asset visibility 24/7/365. In doing so, fewer resources are wasted, hazardous incidents are mitigated, and liabilities are reduced.

Peak Technologies is pleased to announce, WorkSafe™ – powered by Kutir Mobility.

Let us help you with your COVID-19 distancing, sanitizing & tracing solutions.

WorkSafe™ Android App for Employees

WorkSafe™ for Supervisors (admin console)

WorkSafe™ has been developed to support an optimized return to the ‘new normal’ business reality; built on an established and proven cloud-based platform including features such as: 

  • User based subscription service
  • Cloud based – Easily deployed
  • Integrates with LDAP and Active Directory (or stands alone) 
  • Supports all v. 7+ Android devices 

At-a-glance facility-based views for supervisors and managers which help bring real-time awareness to which employees are too close to others and provide safe workspace guidance as well as contact tracing reporting, should the need arise.