RAIN RFID and the Current Supply Chain Landscape

For years, supply chain operations have been growing in complexity, with each subsequent expansion adding new conveniences for customers. However, much like how a duck swimming looks effortless on the surface, behind these new conveniences exist complex operations in fulfillment, distribution, and shipping, to ensure orders are correct and timely.

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Illuminated by a global pandemic, issues like the expanding costs of lost inventory and the shrinking labor pool for warehouses have been increasing and compounding. The most fragile links in the supply chain can be thrown into sharp relief, as shutdowns, re-directs, and delays across the world demonstrate both how interconnected our world is, and the fragility of those connections.

Luckily, while the challenges facing the supply chain are evolving, the technology to solve for these issues is as well.

We’ll focus on the warehouse and distribution center, and explore the impact of RFID technology on the processes of order fulfillment, shipping, and more in this ebook.