OS Migration Solutions to Prevent Security Issues

Without a modern OS, your mobile devices are a security risk that could be putting your entire enterprise in jeopardy.

An Obsolete Operating System is a Major Security Risk

Each day an enterprise continues using an outdated OS creates security risks that could bring business operations to a halt.

Microsoft’s Windows CE and Windows Mobile operating systems are both at their end of life, with support having ended in early 2020. However, many enterprises are putting off their OS migration as long as possible or resisting the transition altogether. But, clinging to outdated operating systems, such as the Windows operating systems mentioned above, will not only cause your operations to be inefficient, it will expose you to serious and avoidable OS security risks.

Our expert team at Peak Technologies can help customize a plan for your business to migrate and keep your OS operating efficiently moving forward.

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Why Security Matters

When an operating system reaches end of life, security patches and software updates are no longer provided. That’s why enterprises with devices equipped with Windows OS will have to transition to a new platform or else risk various security threats, including:

Evolving Security Vulnerabilities

Devices will be vulnerable to inefficiency, will fall short in performance and will be more likely to experience security breaches without patches and software updates.

Hackers and Data Breaches

Devices with outdated operating systems will be prime targets for hackers. Because the devices will not have had any recent security patches, they won’t be able to fight off new viruses and malware.

Exposure of Partners' Data

Not only is your data at risk by using an old OS, hacking and breaches put your partners’ sensitive data stored on mobile devices at risk as well.

Loss of Prospects and Business

If your partners’ data is breached on your watch, you’ll likely lose their business. Further, if a potential partner notices that you don’t run operations on updated software, you run the risk of losing potential business.

How an OS Migration Can Help

With OS end of life, everything from security to functionality is compromised - a plan to migrate OS is essential. The two most significant benefits include:
  • Improved productivity due to frequent software updates, making sure certain devices are operating seamlessly.
  • Protection of sensitive company and partner information from hackers, viruses, and malware due to frequent security patches.

Protect Your Devices and Enterprise

If you’re using an outdated operating system, your operations could be compromised. Migrating to a new operating system will help solve your device security issues. Once the transition is complete, it is important that your IT team monitor and implement appropriate security patches, software updates, and any other improvements. This will ensure that you are always operating at your fullest potential.

For a more in-depth look into OS migration and why it’s essential to your mobile device security, download our eBook today or contact our team at Peak Technologies to learn how we can help with the process.