A Better View of Your Business.

Discover even more business intelligence and increase your profitability. RFID delivers real-time visibility that reduces loss and increases productivity. Peak Technologies can show you how with today’s most advanced RFID solutions.

Strengthen Inventory Control and Accuracy

With RFID tags and readers, your workers can capture data faster than ever, without direct line of sight.

Gain real-time efficiency. 

With up-to-the-minute data at your fingertips, you can quickly make informed business decisions.

Locate misplaced assets.

RFID is the solution to human error. Save the time and money spent on searching and replacing lost products, tools, supplies, and high-value assets.

Read an entire pallet with one trigger pull.

Instead of spending time walking around and searching for the barcodes.

Cycle counts are faster, too.

Move quickly through an aisle and read as you go.

Tighten security.

RFID tags protect against theft, tampering, and counterfeiting. By reducing this shrinkage, you increase profitability, which contributes to ROI.

RFID Solutions

Peak Technologies can guide you to the right RFID solutions for your needs.

RFID Readers

Choose from handheld or hands-free imagers and

RFID-enabled mobile computers, like the Zebra MC3300R  and MC9190-Z. You can also turn your mobile computer  into an RFID with the Zebra RFD8500 sled. 

Mount a Zebra FX7500 or FX9600 fixed reader to

a pole or wall to capture barcodes from pallets

and in challenging spaces.

RFID Printers

Produce RFID tags (active or passive) with any

of Zebra’s RFID printers, from the ZQ520 or

ZD500R mobile RFID printer to the

ZT Series of industrial printers.

RFID Portals

Peak Technologies has the stationary RFID readers

to fit your environment and needs.


Whether passive or active RFID tags,

we have a full range of options.

Talk to us at Peak Technologies to customize the RFID

solution that meets your goals.

Contact Peak Technologies to schedule a meeting.