Reduce Connected Third-Party Hardware and Connect Printers and Scanners Directly to the PLC

Zebra Network Connect For Automation

Network Connect for Automation seamlessly connects Zebra’s ultra-rugged scanners and industrial Link-OS printers with Rockwell programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and other standard networks without additional PC gateways or 3rd party hardware. Scanners and printers play an integral role in manufacturing so ensuring there are no hurdles between those devices and the PLCs is critical. With Zebra’s Network Connect software, the connection between devices and the PLCs is streamlined by completely eliminating the need for converter boxes by connecting printers and scanners directly to the PLC. Network Connect for Automation software eliminates security risks, increases reliability, and eliminates ad-hoc work-arounds for an on-time plant floor.

Reduce Complexity

Network Connect accommodates popular Industrial Ethernet Protocols so programmers don’t have to spend time making complex protocol conversion systems work. With Zebra’s “Add-On-Profile” it’s simple to create solutions using Rockwell’s Studio 5000® development environment, including both print template filling and printer status checking. This unique solution reduces the time it takes for developers to integrate a Zebra printer.

Eliminate Third-Party Hardware

By completely removing the need for an Ethernet/IP converter, Zebra’s Link-OS printers and DS3600 Series scanners can connect directly to a Rockwell PLC, eliminating unnecessary networking equipment and reducing the risk of unplanned downtime.

Improve Security

Eliminating third-party converter boxes and related equipment from the system removes another point of vulnerability from the network. When scanners connect directly to the PLC it creates a more secure data capture environment.