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OS Migration

Updating your enterprise’s fleet of mobile devices seems like a large, confusing, and expensive undertaking. But Peak Technologies’ consultation services is here to alleviate trepidation about the OS migration and technology refresh process. With our expertise in your back pocket, nothing stands in the way of your enterprise’s successful operating system migration and technology refresh.

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What’s at Stake When You Don’t Upgrade?

We understand that a technology refresh's capital expense is a significant concern and a major factor in why many enterprises don’t upgrade. But enterprises that don’t upgrade and think they’re saving money may actually be losing money in a few ways:

Operational Inefficiency: As devices age, their quality of operation declines or even fails completely. This can lead to catastrophic downtime for your organization as you deal with IT expenses, overtime costs, and much more.

Legacy Devices’ End-of-Life: As mobile devices age, so does their useful life. When a device reaches its end-of-life, you’re unable to add capabilities and applications to it. This becomes a significant concern to operational efficiency and profitability, especially as your devices continue to age and your business grows.
Non-Compliance Consequences: Many industries have strict regulations put in place to protect businesses and their partners. Storing information on unsecured devices could violate security and privacy safeguards and lead to hefty non-compliance fines.
Security Threats: Without the regular security patches and updates that come with a modern OS, your enterprise is left vulnerable to viruses, malware, and ransomware. This could potentially lead to data breaches of not just your data, but your customers’ data as well.

Outdated Operating Systems Can Compromise Your Business.

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Common OS Migration Concerns

When it comes to operating system migration, enterprises often express a few common concerns:
  • How much downtime can I expect?
  • How long will training on the new OS take?
  • How difficult will migrating existing apps to new OS be?
  • Will my MDM require an upgrade?
  • How much will a fleet of new devices cost?
We understand how these concerns could make you hesitant to start your OS migration. If you’re delaying your migration due to these common concerns, we’re here to help. Our team of experts will address these questions and more when you sign up for our expert consultation services.