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Download Show Material:
  • Customizable Carts & Kiosks:
    • Next Gen Click & Collect (PDF)
    • Mobile Self Checkout (PDF)
    • Price Checker Kiosks (PDF)
    • Self-Checkout Product Family (PDF)
  • Siena Analytics:
    • Solution Overview (PDF)
    • Lenovo nVidia Solution Brief (PDF)
    • Intel Solution Brief (PDF)
  • Wiliot / Peak Collaboration:
    • Wiliot tracks food products across supply chain to reduce waste – CNBC (Video)
    • Wiliot Introduction (PDF)

Break Through with Peak

From the loading dock to the retail floor, Peak Technologies enables retailers to operate more efficiently and elevate the customer experience with solutions driven by the latest technology. Peak has helped some of the world’s most successful retailers thrive with transformational digital solutions including:

  • Customizable mobile self-checkout carts, kiosks, price checkers, and more for customer convenience, frictionless checkout, and better workforce management
  • Mobile computers and printers for more efficient and engaged associates through real-time inventory data and better communication and collaboration
  • Custom, temperature-controlled pick-up Locker Stations and Mobile Lockers as last-mile pieces that complete our Click & Collect Solutions
  • M-Netics omnichannel retail suite of applications for Product Inquiry, Price Management, Click & Collect, Fulfill from Store, and Stock Management
  • Peak Analytics for retail distribution for faster shipping – remove bottlenecks made by problem packages, reduce downtime on sorting equipment, minimize touchpoints in transit to keep your omnichannel supply chain moving
  • And more…

With extensive application experience in retail, Peak provides objective consultancy on business processes, software, hardware, as well as turn-key solutions for equipment repair, life cycle support, and business services.

Connect with us to see how Peak retail experts can help you break through to the next level of operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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