Avoid Devastating Consequences with OS Migration

Windows CE and Windows Mobile OS are at their end of life, with support ending in early 2020. However, many organizations are still using legacy devices and outdated operating systems to run their business. While the motivation to save capital is an understandable one, failing to upgrade can pose severe consequences to your business and […]

Three OS Migration Obstacles

For many years, Windows CE and Windows Mobile OS were the standard for ruggedized, line-of-business, mobile computing. However, both platforms have reached their end of life, and support for these systems officially ended in early 2020. For organizations that rely on these devices for critical manufacturing, logistics, and service applications, that means the time has […]

Differences Between Inventory & Assets: How to Track & Manage Both

The supply chain industry calls for strict oversight. This can be delivered via asset tracking and inventory management.

4 Tips to Optimize Operational Efficiencies for Cold Chain Environments during COVID-19

As other businesses shift to skeleton crews, the cold chain industry is up and running faster than ever before. Lowell Randel, VP of government and legal affairs for the Global Cold Chain Alliance (GCCA) sated in an interview with Supply Chain Dive, “I think just fundamentally, the supply chain is very resilient, and our members […]

Remote Solutions and Support for Supply Chain Operations During COVID-19

The novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak has turned the supply chain and logistics industry on its head overnight. According to new data compiled by Nielsen, U.S. sales have surged when it comes to non-perishable food, cleaning products, and health goods. Products like dried beans were up 231% the week ending March 14th compared to the […]